About a year ago, my boyfriend, his daughter and I lived in an apartment in inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We loved the raw and unfiltered neighborhood, the cafes and takeaways, the exotic and ethnical variety of shops just at our doorstep, feeling the pulsating everyday life in the city. We traveled a lot, like a flight every month, mixed business and pleasure. Travelled to seek inspiration from new places, to ease our minds, to relax and to feel alive.

Today, a year later, we have moved away from the vibrant Nørrebro to the beach and green areas of Amager Strand, only 10 minutes away from Copenhagen city center. And I had never thought I would appreciate a green garden so much, rollercoasting along the beach promenade and going for walks in the neighborhood greeting neighbors and their cats and dogs. We don’t need to travel far away to find the balance within ourselves. It comes more natural now. A small break in the garden now and then, can do wonders.

We are not the only ones who retreat to nature, rural areas and smaller communities. It’s time for a greater awareness of things that calm our minds and heal our busy life. The slow life.

Maybe it is the age we are in, maybe a natural next step in the development of our family life or maybe we just follow the trends in society? Climate change, sustainability, CO2 emissions, vegetarianism, organic and biodynamics, recycling and over-consumption, mind- fulness and slow living. Is it a slow cultural revolution?

How to live, what to eat and how to do things. We cannot all be like Greta Thunburg. Or can we? I think the important thing is to be aware, to seek knowledge, find inspiration and take conscious decisions. And then do what you can. If it’s small or big things. It all matters. Cut where possible, spend a little extra on things that last, appreciate and support the local treasures.

Do things that do good, not only for yourself but for your loved ones, your children, for others and mother earth. We do not all have to be the great missionaries. Do what create value and meaning for you.

Find inspiration online, in your neighborhood, surroundings and in magazines like ours.
Meet the world in the midst of its change and take an active part in the journey and the cultural revolution. Even if it’s a slow one, it might actually be the best one – and do you good.

Anne Marie Mondrup