W e have all been there. Although it can feel like a long time ago for some and others might feel, as if it was just yesterday; that we were children.

I remember the scent of my mum’s homemade buns. And my dad in the living room with the newspaper and his glasses on his nose, while he talks about society and challenges in the great big world outside our home. Grandma’ who always wanted to play cards (which was cool, because I would always win), she smoked cheroots and kept red soda in the shed. And then there was old uncle Harald, who smoked cigars and told stories from his adventures in America. I was very curious about his stories. Something that would grow in me, as I got older.

Later in my teens, my world was all about friends, girlfriends, cliques and handball, and so came falling in love and the big love. Love took me by storm. I found it in my sur- roundings, my family, friends and relationships … and in beautiful young boys. It took many years before I found love in myself.

I remember the carnival tradition “fastelavn”, Christmas and birthdays. With dressing up, Christmas trees, snow and Santa Claus. Gifts, flags and birthday songs. Seasons changing. From snowsuits and home-knitted elephant hats to summer skirts and swim- suits on the beach. When picturing my childhood memories, I can almost sense the very special atmosphere of being back home with my parents.

There was joy, laughter and tears. Growing up there was security, uncertainty and quite a lot of shyness. At least to me. But the wonderful, innocent children’s bubble was so comfortable to live in… for as long as it lasted. That special playground, where everything is possible, and the world of imagination where all dreams come true.

And back to adulthood. For a long time, it has been our dream to make a magazine about children, with children and for conscious parents. A magazine, where we can portray and celebrate the amazing world of children today and meet them in their universe, environ- ment and surroundings. What better way to wrap it all up with a beautiful artistic feel and in a petite digestible format? And now it is finally here. Tomorrow’s Little Journal. I am so thrilled that this little dream of ours has finally become real. Special thanks to the three passionate and creative hard-working women: Kristina, Kristina and Camilla, who also make up the trio behind JustKidsToday. It has been a pleasure. The little child lives in all of us. Let’s go play.

Anne Marie Mondrup