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Sigurd & Frida

Sigurd ( 10 years ) lives with his mom, dad and little sister in Klitmøller, Denmark. Frida ( 11 years ) lives with her dad, mom, little brother and grandparents in Hørsholm, Denmark.

Where is your favourite spot?
Sigurd: The Beach
Frida: To float in the sea and just look down at the bottom. If I could breathe under water, I would never come up again.

Do you think about climate changes?
Sigurd: Yes I have heard about it in the news, and that the ocean has become warmer. I heard that a scientist found out that some old lavastones could help the corals to grow. I see there is too much garbage on the beach and in the forests.
Frida: Yes! I joined the #FridaysForFuture movement and went to one of the weekly school-strike, climate demonstrations in Copenhagen. One day I would like to arrange a demonstration.

What is your favourite activity outside school? – Why?
Sigurd: I like playing computer games, because I`m with my friends online and it´s cosy. 
Frida: To watch a movie. It is relaxing after a long day in school. It feels good to fill the mind with a good story.

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Sigurd & Frida