Issue 2 – Print Magazine


Tomorrow’s Little Journal is a bi-annual children’s magazine for kids and conscious families published by Tomorrow Management. With a Scandinavian origin, Tomorrow’s Little Journal works with themes and stories inspired by trends in fashion, culture and everyday life for children and families.

The theme of the 2nd issue is TRANSITION. How the modern way of life is changing. New lifestyle trends are emerging. We look to ground ourselves and find a more balanced and sustainable way of living. We see it in the choises we make everyday. Recycling, upcycling, second hand, third hand, economy sharing.

Based on the wonders of human nature and in respect for our earth, we interact and create in new ways…

Slow life – Slow fashion – Are we witnessing a slow cultural revolution?

Tomorrow’s Little Journal consists of 92 pages of photography, stories and features that stand out in the ordinary and  all content is deeply founded in a profound love of the craft, the artistic and aesthetically simple.

The magazine is printed with a conscious mind and respect for nature.

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