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Farmor – the Danish notion of grandmother is so much more than a modest indication of a family relation. It does not translate easily. Farmor is an emotion and a state of mind. It is a time and place. And more than anything, it encompasses soft memories of times past and a reminiscent of a different life in another world. In this editorial photographer Kristina Demant takes us back to heartfelt childhood memories that echoes Farmor to all of us. Through the playful minds of children Farmor provides the opportunity to explore and imagine, discover and learn.

The home of Farmor is like walking into a time warp. It is filled with indefinable objects, a particular scent and strange sounds that all seem oddly familiar and intriguingly mysterious at the same time. Going through the closet of Farmor takes us back to a time of attires, customs and expectations different than that of today. Faded colors and handcrafted laces become a token of times past.

U nfamiliar objects provide a looking glass into other ways of getting by. A sense of craftsmanship and purity to the materials makes us wonder. And scattered around in boxes, closets and drawers, Farmor can tell us the stories behind each one… the porcelain doll, the marbles and the old derby hat; the tailor that dreamed up that emerald green skirt, the boutique in a country far away that sold the floral dress, and the leather shoes that have been shined and worn for more than one special occasion. By dwelling into the realm of Farmor, we are uncovering a distinct sentiment of the past that may raise questions to our present.

Creative Concept

Kristina Demant

Camilla Ebdrup

Josephine Nordahl Arup Hunderup

Frida & Sofia