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Young model Batice smiles while jumping. Photo by Kristina Demant.png
February 10, 2019

Little Big Boy

Diving into the age between Big & Small we go on a style journey with 9 year old Batice. It is the age where you feel empowered, independent and strong…
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February 7, 2019


Farmor – the Danish notion of grandmother is so much more than a modest indication of a family relation. It does not translate easily. Farmor is an emotion and a…
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Girl with curly hair smiling and looking into a camera. Photo by Kristina Demant
December 17, 2018


Vega (Vega is 7 years old and lives with her mom, dad and twin brother in Copenhagen, Denmark) If you and your family were superheroes, which super powers would you…
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Issue 1


From childhood to adulthood our relation to family and friends play such an important role in our daily life. In the first issue of Tomorrow’s Little Journal, we explore and work around this treasure of inspiration: Relations.